Peanuts: Not your Nut!

Peanuts, who doesn’t love them? They are loved, notorious (for people with allergies) but also misunderstood.┬áMisunderstood you say? Well…peanuts aren’t technically NUTS. Even though I already knew this, I call peanutbutter a nutbutter. Actually it’d be better to say legume butter, but that just isn’t sexy. Peanuts are more like chickpeas than other nuts. So, when snacking on peanuts, you are actually consuming vegetables (roasted nonetheless). What? It’s funny right? But seriously, the peanut has a lot of good qualities: rich in vitamin B and E, amino acids and minerals such as manganese. Peanuts also have a lot of unsaturated … Lees verder Peanuts: Not your Nut!